Let's talk a little bit about reviews.

As a business, it's a good thing to receive reviews, so say the smart business guys. Should a business on each platform allow it to receive reviews from clients – good or bad.

Theron's Fashion and Bridal Boutique's outlook on reviews is as follows:

Let's start with the bad and unpleasant reviews.

You as a client have the full right to share with others if you have received or are unhappy with our company or designer. But my question is, what are you going to accomplish by doing this? If you feel better about yourself, I'm happy for you.


Our company has an open-door policy. We're always willing to listen and Kelsey has met many clients to help where she can, it would be a hem length change, a piece of lace that came loose, and small changes. We'd love to help because this is our business to give you the best assistance.

When you leave the studio, you are now responsible for that beautiful masterpiece. If you're not going to look after it and we're offended that you're suddenly unhappy, this is not the company's problem. Photos are taken of every masterpiece you collect and, as some unpleasant reviews refer to hook and eye that has come loose, the hemline of dresses that pull loose (yes it happens if you don't bring your shoes with the last fit and have no problem with it) and then during the function you decide you change shoes. Whose problem is this? So I can carry on............

The latest is - The company asks for an appointment fee with a good reason - and now we're criticized for it and the easy way is to throw bad reviews in front of us of which you don't even have the facts about those bad reviews.


Let's move on to the fun and enjoyable passion of designing and making

The company appreciates every dear customer who shares nice and good reviews with us and with our future clients. It takes time to share your feelings with us about the masterpiece you collect and we greatly appreciate it

Every client is precious to us. You have allowed us to be a small part of your journey. We know and believe that you came to us in a special way and that you didn't even have a problem paying the appointment fee because you just knew that you and Kelsey were going to enjoy the journey together. Isn't that what it's all about?

The appointment is about getting to know each other and trust is built in an hour's time. At that time, creativity, ideas, styles, colors, materials, lace, and many more are discussed. First impressions are lasting. When you leave the studio, we can't wait to meet you at the fabric store and be able to start the process.

To conclude - you let Theron's Fashion and Bridal Boutique grow as an entrepreneurial business to help others and for that, we are grateful for every dear good and enjoyable review

May kindness and favor follow you

Best wishes

Thea and Kelsey from Theron's Fashion and Bridal Boutique